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free shipping this Week On order only $100 or more

Welcome to the Black Betty Boop Store!

 If you are a Betty Boop fan but always wanted brown girl Betty Boop products that looked like you, you are in the right place!

Shop Exclusive Black Betty Boop Gifts!

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More please! I’m so in love and get stopped everywhere I go by people asking me where I purchased my Betty Boop gear. I’m sending everyone your way. I think I need business cards. Are you hiring?

Mily Nightingale

I purchased a few items for my daughter and granddaughter only to fall in love with it myself. I’m so proud to show off my Betty Boop swag. I remember reading about the REAL inspiration, Baby Esther. All I can say is, It’s about time everyone saw Betty Boop as she should be!!


Vibrations raised!!! I love my Black Betty accessories & what they’ve done to boost my naturally high vibes! You have a lifetime customer & follower!!!!! Thank you!